by Kelly Meyers

Known for its parks, bike paths, and trails, Eugene is an ideal place for people who love the outdoors and even more so, dog lovers. A jog along the Willamette River bike path with their pup on a fresh Saturday morning to Amazon or Alton Baker dog park is how many spend their weekend leisure time.

Although some may not be aware of it, Eugene area offers more than just the dog park factor. There are several local businesses just for keeping your pup happy. You can support local business while treating your dog to some fun fashions and grooming. It’s also another way to get your dog socializing with other dogs and contribute to encouraging better behavior over all.

Fashion may not be priority while on a play date at the park but Eugene is nothing short of resources where you can find fun outfits to suite up your dog. For their fashionable dogs, owners can find full wardrobes at Oh My Dog off Coburg Road or in the 5th Street Public Market at Lexi Dog Boutique. Even if your dog isn’t a fan of wearing clothes, both locations offer a wide variety of accessories for your home that cater to your pooch like beds, and toys.

Another great location for social dog interaction besides the dog park in Eugene, is at Suds Em Yourself. Suds Em Yourself is a fun style self serve bath and dry venue for washing your dog. It’s a great trip to make after leaving the dog park.  If you aren’t a fan self serve, Oh My Dog also offers exceptional grooming services.

All three establishments are family owned and operated. Who knows you may even seen one of the owners with their dog at one of the dog parks.